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Corvus M



Corvus M is ANTLIA’s original fine pixel pitch product. It features an ultra-thin body, low power, high contrast, and perfect visual effects. It does this by utilizing the latest in seamless splicing technology; it guarantees a larger viewing angle, vivid display effects and colorful imagery. Corvus M can completely replace any traditional LCD and DLP system with its high contrast and large viewing angles. Corvus M is widely used in control rooms, broadcasting studios, monitoring centers, and conference rooms.

Corvus-M 1.png
Corvus-M 2.png


• All fanless aluminum design ensures a noiseless       environment and heat dissipation

• Redundant power supplies and panel receiving card ensure unparalleled reliability.

• Precision sizing, seamless splicing, and lightweight.

• Radiant color calibration system.

• 3D ready with VESA standard.


“All specifications are subject to change without prior notice”

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