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Antlia Mensa Digital Poster

Antlia Mensa Digital Poster.jpg
All in one, Ultra-Thin, and Portable

Imagine your message or product displayed with dazzling clarity on a 72”, 80”, or 89” digital poster. Our Mensa digital poster includes high refresh rates, pixel pitches lower than two millimeters, with dazzling screens three times brighter than LCDs. 

One panel not enough? No problem. Control one module independently or control multiple modules at the same time — remotely over the internet. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, trade shows, and retail spaces.

Place these Ultra-thin 1.53” panels virtually anywhere using versatile foot-mount or wall-mount options.

Manage communication with your digital poster with USB, Wi-Fi, or a wired connection.  Improve your advertisement efficiency using the mobile APP and the internet to remotely control your content anywhere, anytime.

Constructed with aluminum for durability and great heat dissipation, Antlia’s Mensa digital poster is easily customized.  Some people use two-sided designs, while others use a lightbox on the back.

The all-in-one design of the Mesa digital poster incorporates an integrated intelligent controller for an extraordinarily smooth video display experience.


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