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Mensa Outdoor

Antlia Mensa Outdoor.jpg

Mensa Outdoor is a small-sized outdoor integrated display poster. With simple yet elegant exterior design and vivid displaying effect, the poster can be more eye-catching thus to promote advertising effectiveness. Waterproof aluminum cabinet and automatic ventilation system enable Mensa Outdoor stands out in various working environments. Two-sided design offers customers more choices, which the poster can be customized into fullcolor LED display on both sides or full-color LED display on front side and light box with backlight support on back side. Besides, both sides can realize front maintenance through flip cover, making operation easier.


Mensa Outdoor will be your first choice for volume outdoor poster applications


• Automatic brightness adjustment           • Tempered glass, upgraded safeguard

• High IP rating                                           • Aluminum cabinet, water-proof

• Superior heating dissipation                   • Long working life

• Two-sided advertising display                 • Light weight, convenient transportation

• Two-sided flip cover, front maintenance • Low consumption, power saving


• More application environments      • Maximize profits

• Better advertising effectiveness      • Low investment and high return

• Wider range of audience                 • Enhanced ornamental function

• Maximize profits

Antlia Mensa Outdoor 1.png


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